Valentina Sokratous was born in Cyprus and has lived in Alexandroupolis since 2003 and is a cultural manager, a museum educator and a facilitator.

She is the Museum Coordinator since 2018 and the Head of Museum Education at the Ethnological Museum of Thrace since 2011 (where she started as a volunteer in 2007), she also leads various community projects and activities with diverse audiences of all ages and is the city leader & education advisor for Fashion Revolution Greece . She has a BA in Education, and an MSc in Innovative Informal Learning (Democritus University of Thrace). Fond of continuous professional development, she expands her knowledge through seminars, workshops and courses. She loves to combine techniques: historical empathy, performance, improvisation, museum theatre, gastronomy, art and adjust them to site specific and local needs. She passionately believes that the application of museum education methods to social issues can bring about change and, naturally uses every given opportunity to put that to the test.  

Being a START Fellow, Valentina enhances her cultural management skills and discovers new strategies for meaningful impact. Through her initiative EMERGE, she plans to keep creating Pop Up Participatory museums dealing with social causes.

Featured Past Works

Diachronika 9 LOCATIONS/ 9 STORIES
A 4 month long project with teens creating a heritage interpretation tour of their city, using historical research and museum theater to raise their voice and show the local community their vision of that the future of the city of Alexandroupolis means to them.